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              sms Hey, listen!arrow_drop_down Do you see that button over there?arrow_drop_down If you click on it, it will show you all sorts of advanced info and charts for this deck!arrow_drop_down Try it!arrow_drop_down Oh, where are my manners? My name is Liv, nice to meet you.arrow_drop_down No, silly. The button over there.arrow_drop_down Hahaha, you really are an odd one.arrow_drop_down Have you ever played with Infect?arrow_drop_down It's a really fast aggro deck, aiming to end the game as soon as turn 3 or even 2.arrow_drop_down But Infect isn't just a one-trick poney.arrow_drop_down The deck is actually very resilient, and can play long, grindy matches and still come out on top!arrow_drop_down Most people think Infect is dead from the last ban...arrow_drop_down It did get considerably weaker.arrow_drop_down But Infect still is a very strong archetype, and totally capable of competing at tier 1.arrow_drop_down Problem is, the hype is gone, and most people got bored of it and just moved on to the 'new thing'.arrow_drop_down Infect is pretty lowkey at the moment... Which makes it even more dangerous!arrow_drop_down Wild Defiance allows our creatures to survive Lightning Bolts.arrow_drop_down But it also makes it easier to win grindy matchups.arrow_drop_down It allows you to get as much as 8 damage (aka 16 dmg) with a single regular pump spell.arrow_drop_down Use it carefully, though. The 3 mana cost will slow the main strategy.arrow_drop_down But for those matchups which you have no hope of ending the game early, Wild Defiance is a must side-in.arrow_drop_down Sometimes, waiting until turn 2 to drop a Glistener Elf with mana up for a Spell Pierce is not a bad idea.arrow_drop_down Specially if you are on the draw instead of the play.arrow_drop_down Other times, it makes sense to not commit to a turn 3 all in, and instead keep mana up and some of the spells in hand, aiming for a turn 4 kill.arrow_drop_down The opponent often waits until you go all in before responding to the threat.arrow_drop_down Which means that, if you don't go all in...arrow_drop_down You get ahead by forcing the opponent to misplay.arrow_drop_down Spellskite hard counters Infect. Which is why we carry not only artifact-hate, but Twisted Images as well.arrow_drop_down Solemnity is 3 CMC, which means... either too late, or Natural State.arrow_drop_down Rhyme unintended, hahah.arrow_drop_down Sorry, I get a bit silly sometimes.arrow_drop_down Remember that Apostle's Blessing can be used to make your creature unblockable!arrow_drop_down Click the menu for more details.